An AI talent intelligence platform that enables companies to acquire, develop, analyze and match talent through science, psychology and objectivity.

HR Technology

Learning Technology

Leading AI Talent Intelligence Solution

Through online assessments, Bryq helps companies find candidates for their job roles.

Bryq assessments are designed to measure both the cognitive and psychometric skills of the candidates. They are then ranked according to their abilities and personality.

Interview guides

Candidate comparison

Combined assessment of personality and cognitive abilities

24/7 support


Scientific Testing

Validated psychometric and cognitive skills assessments that measure the correct indicators for job performance

Predefined and Custom Job Profiles

The Predefined database of over 700 job titles allows HR managers to quickly find the ideal candidate for their job. With the ability to customize the job profile, they can also make the necessary changes to it.

Online Proctoring

Although Bryq does not require access to the candidate’s webcam, it can still capture video clips of the test at random intervals. These clips will be used by the HR managers to confirm that the candidate is being interviewed.

Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems

Compatible to most ATS to make sure there are no changes in your existing workflow

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