Leadership Development Training


Leaders must rediscover their own potential and plan forward in order to sustain their competitive advantage while having the confidence to make quick and courageous decisions that produce exceptional results.

Leadership Training Program

Grisiliency Workshop

The Fundamentals

With options for half-day, full-day or ideally two-days; this session introduces Grisiliency and its benefits

Leadership Development

Journey to the Seven Summits

Solo journey to climb “Mt. Everest” and overcoming adversities along the way

Strategy Execution

Project Everest

Team-based journey to climb “Mt. Everest” and overcoming adversities along the way

Culture & Team Engagement

Real Deal Engagement

Designed for stronger team development by engaging teams; the process looks at their leadership journey

Other Application/s

Hire & Grow with AQ

for HR Leaders: applying the tools of AQ and GRIT for recruitment, selection and talent management

What is AQ?

Adversity Quotient (AQ) is your hardwired pattern of response to any and all forms of adversity. Enhance AQ for gains in productivity, innovation & more.

What is GRIT

Your capacity to dig deep and do whatever it takes — even sacrifice, struggle, and suffer — to achieve your most worthy goals in the best ways.

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz

originator of Adversity Quotient (AQ) and GRIT measures and methods.

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