Core Competency Building Programs

Our wide range of effective learning programs tailored to your industry needs

Behaviour modification and teambuilding

This workshop is designed to help the organization communicate its Vision, Mission and Values in a manner that will not conflict with each employee’s individual value systems. The participants will be able to align their personal values to their career and their company’s goal.

Effective communication skills workshop

This program can demystify the reasons of communication breakdowns and through constant practice be able to lessen its ill effects – less conflict, less rework, optimum use of resources. Positively, effective communication can improve professional relationships, increase self-esteem, create better teams, and get the work done!

One-minute manager

This program is intended for the new people in management, even the old ones, who missed their chance of being trained in supervision. They will learn to properly formulate goals, handle accountabilites and feedback and is based on the principle of being tough on performance not on the performer.

What good managers do: Thre first 100 days

Managers play a very critical role in the organization. The strength of the organization lies on the weakest manager. Each manager should perform in an acceptable level of performance where an understanding of management principles is basic. This seminar sets the bar for managerial performance. Participants can expect to go back to their organizations armed with a comprehensive understanding about management concepts and principles.

Managing chaos: Tools to set priorities and make decisions under pressure

Probably the singular managerial skill that can directly affect organizational performance is making decisions – even the lack of it. Some supervisors or managers know they need to make a decision but fear the consequences of making one because of the certainty of the decision outcome. This course will be able to share with participants a rationale decision-making method which is the fundamental element of all other methods. It teaches them to be logical and systematic in the next decision they will make.

Handling challenging customers

This programs aims for you to understand customer behaviour and patterns which are vital on handling challenging situations and when faced with service recovery.

This program will help you gain cooperation from challenging customer and eliminate any frustration and stress

Sales Techniques and Strategies

One of the driving factors on scaling your business is to gain the trust of your clients. This program will help you determine the most effective sales skills training solution for your team. Discover how we can build a customized program, implement the solution, ensure sustainment and ROI, and track your team’s performance improvement.

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

The banking and financial services industry has evolved into one of the most growth oriented and high paying sectors in recent years. With the steady growth of capital markets, investment banking and wealth management, the need for qualified, trained, skilled manpower has never been more needed than ever. This program is designed to take you to in-depth to the principles related to this profession whether you are starting out in this field or a seasoned professional.

Letting your people immerse in training programs indicates that your corporation values its employees as an important resource and is committed to developing them as assets.

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